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Daniel & Ruby | Shanghai , China

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This is the most special wedding I’ve taken. When I first saw Ruby’s mother, I always felt that she was weak. The mother supported her body and was busy with her wedding. Tired, sitting on the bench, staring at today is married to the daughter, eyes full of joy. Ruby told me that the mother’s condition is very serious, today is her wedding, the mother has been insisted on. But at the end of the two week after the wedding, received a message from the girl. Mother is gone, very peaceful. My head was buzzing, thinking about the picture of the girl in the hands of the girl. Hoping to make her remember the day when her mother’s smile and hug. I think all I can do is just that…
Long Yingtai once said: “the so-called father mother a, simply means that you and his fate is constantly drifting away in this present life after his figure. You stand on the side of the path, watching him disappear in the place where the lane turns, and he uses the back of the back to tell you: don’t have to chase.”
May heaven have no pain
May your life be more beautiful.